Dollars and Common Sense: Why Consulting Forester John Sisson Plants ArborGen MCPs and Varietals

John Sisson is a consulting forester managing land for clients in the Piedmont region of Georgia. A recent visit to some of his stands of ArborGen Varietals showed the visible progress of these trees and gave us great insight into why John plants both ArborGen MCP® and Varietal seedlings. We thought his Top Ten reasons […]

You’re Invited to Our Mississippi Open House: CFE Credits Available: Please RSVP

You’re invited to our SuperTree Seedlings Cooler Open House in New Albany Mississippi. October 27, 2015 5:30 pm – 8:00 pm SuperTree Seedlings Cooler 922 Hwy 15 North New Albany, Mississippi Dinner is provided and we’ll have a short education program with: Advanced Pine Genetics & Value  Dr. Paul Jeffreys, ArborGen 6:00 – 7:00 PM […]

Developing Loblolly Pine Varietals for East Texas and Louisiana

Recent results from genetic trials in east Texas identified high-performing Varietals for the southeast Texas region. AGV127 is one such Varietal from the eastern range of Loblolly Pine that has now been tested in the Jasper, Texas, region with excellent growth and stem quality, and already widely tested from South Carolina to Mississippi. The identification […]

Seeing is Believing with ArborGen Advanced Genetics

This is a Varietal stand of AGV 124 in its 5th growing season on Hall Timberlands in eastern Mississippi, Northeastern Clark County, with David Hall. The trees are over 25 feet tall with a dbh of five inches.  With this increase in growth because of ArborGen’s advanced genetics, Mr. Hall expects to thin the stand […]

ArborGen Breakthrough in Rust Resistance with Genomics

Fusiform rust caused by Cronartium quercuum (Berk.) Miyabe ex Shirai f.sp. fusiforme is an economically significant disease causing more than $20 million dollars in damage to plantations of Loblolly Pine (Pinus taeda, L.) each year (Cubbage et al., 2000). It is perhaps the most important disease to consider when making a decision of what type […]

Our MCP® Process from the Air

ArborGen Mass Control Pollinated (MCP®) seedlings are the result of more than 50 years of forest genetics research and the screening of more than 5,000 parent trees of Loblolly Pine. From these 5,000 parents, ArborGen uses only the top 30 crosses among the best of these families, or the top one percent. MCP Elite parents are carefully […]

Higher Genetics Selling Out Fast. Order yours now.

  We can’t produce higher genetics fast enough to satisfy the growing demand, and even though we are growing more of these seedlings every year, our Mass Controlled Pollinated (MCP®) and Varietals are nearly 90% sold out for the coming planting season. Higher genetic seedlings have proved their value, and forest landowners are moving rapidly toward a new […]

Your Voice Counts. Find out how you can be heard.

Calling All Private Forest Landowners: Your Voice Counts! Did you know that because of the personal and individual comments from private landowners there is now a proposed 4(d) rule that will exempt forest management practices from the regulations surrounding the protection of the Northern Long-eared Bat? Without a 4(d) ruling, many practices related to forest management and […]

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