Customers See Genetic Gains. Seeing is Convincing.

Customers order 2.5 million advanced genetic seedlings after seeing for themselves. During April, we hosted the largest customer tour ever at ArborGen headquarters. More than 50 customers, soon-to-be customers and extension professionals joined our manager of pine development Dr. Patrick Cumbie and our SuperTree Seedlings Reforestation Advisors on the tour. They saw for themselves the […]

SuperTree Seedlings® Varietals: The Proof is in the Pictures.

After Six Growing Seasons of Varietal AGV 127 Trees Growing at almost 10 tons/ac/yr. 94% Predicted Sawtimber Material by Jason Watson, Carolina Sales Coordinator These SuperTree Seedlings® Varietal AGV 127 were planted by our customer, consulting forester Mitch McElroy, in the winter of 2010 in Jefferson County, Florida, about 30 miles east of Tallahassee. Mr. McElroy had […]

Yes, You Can Plant in March and April.

Many people have the perception that tree planting season in the south is over when March 1 rolls around. The truth is, pine seedlings can be successfully planted well into April and possibly even beyond. While we encourage everyone to plant as early as possible when conditions are favorable, the reality is that many pine […]

Freeze Protection Alert

Seedlings Need Cold Weather to Give Them Freeze Protection Warm weather conditions immediately before a cold event can begin to de-acclimate or break the dormancy of Pine seedlings, especially Coastal Piedmont seed sources. The Southern Forest Nursery Management Cooperative is alerting forest landowners to the dangers of warm weather conditions immediately before a cold event to […]

Dollars and Common Sense: Why Consulting Forester John Sisson Plants ArborGen MCPs and Varietals

John Sisson is a consulting forester managing land for clients in the Piedmont region of Georgia. A recent visit to some of his stands of ArborGen Varietals showed the visible progress of these trees and gave us great insight into why John plants both ArborGen MCP® and Varietal seedlings. We thought his Top Ten reasons […]

Loblolly Pine Varietals for East Texas and Louisiana

Recent results from genetic trials in east Texas identified high-performing SuperTree Seedlings® Varietals for the southeast Texas region. AGV 127 is one such Varietal from the eastern range of Loblolly Pine that has now been tested in the Jasper, Texas, region with excellent growth and stem quality, and already widely tested from South Carolina to […]

Seeing is Believing with ArborGen Advanced Genetics

This is a Varietal stand of AGV 124 in its 5th growing season on Hall Timberlands in eastern Mississippi, Northeastern Clark County, with David Hall. The trees are over 25 feet tall with a dbh of five inches.  With this increase in growth because of ArborGen’s advanced genetics, Mr. Hall expects to thin the stand […]

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