SuperTree Seedlings® Open Pollinated (OP) Pine Seedlings are bred for
improved volume gain and quality traits.

Open Pollinated (OP) Pine Seedlings

SuperTree OP Loblolly and Slash pine seedlings offer gains in key genetic traits improving forest productivity and financial return.  Our OP Pine seedling categories are: Advanced, Select and Elite.


How Do MCP® Seedlings Compare to OP?

How Do Varietal Seedlings Compare to OP?

  • OP families are a blended cross between a known, superior mother tree and many select father trees
  • Generated from our genetic field trials, our orchard trees are well-tested for superior genetics
  • In our 1,000 acres of seed orchards from Georgia to Texas, we produce seed best adapted for your planting zone
  • With more than 35 years in operation, our seed orchard genetics have continuously evolved and improved

Your Reforestation Advisor will help you make the best seedling
choice for your location, planting site and long-term objectives.

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