Choose the top 1% of best genetic families for a revenue gain of 40% or more

Maximize your financial return • See outstanding long-term performance

  • "MCP (full-sib) families from the best second-generation parents can produce more than 50 percent volume gains. When you add in the improvements in stem form and disease resistance, stand value improvements may be twice the volume improvement."

    Randall J. Rousseau
    Randall J. Rousseau Associate Extension/Research Professor, Mississippi State University
  • “We have established test plantings using MCP and Varietal seedlings after visiting some impressive SuperTree Seedlings® test plantings at five years. Both seem to be performing well at the three-year mark. Since the Ross Foundation utilizes the proceeds from its forestry work to fund its philanthropic program, we are always looking for ways to improve the value of this land that ultimately gives back to the community around us.”

    Mark Karnes
    Mark Karnes Director of Operations, The Ross Foundation, Arkadelphia, Arkansas
  • “MCPs are really the bulk of our business – especially since ArborGen has made them a real option in the last few years. MCPs work great on those sites that are not what I call “super sites” but are above average, and that’s typically about 50% of all sites. They are a great value for what you’re getting in horsepower and growth potential. They come from the best families and they’re a good bang for the buck.”

    John David “JD” Neeley
    John David “JD” Neeley Forester/President, Neeley Forestry Service, Camden, AR
  • If a landowner wants to maximize net revenue, SuperTree Seedlings® are the way to go.  These trees will be harvested in less time, with more volume and more sawtimber per acre.  They’re worth every penny!

    Jib Davidson
    Jib Davidson Columbia Timber Company

16 Year Mass Control Pollinated (MCP®) Data
Validates Yield & Financial Predictions

MCP Elite at Age 16:
70 ft Average Height
93% Sawtimber Potential (STP)
Have 52.4% More Tons Per Acre than OP at 16 yrs
Doubles Value


Fully recoup your investment in the first, earlier thinning with SuperTree Seedlings MCP

Mass Control Pollinated (MCP) Seedlings – Pine

SuperTree Seedlings MCP® Seedlings are the top 1% of more than 6,000 parent trees

  • 50% – 100% gain in Net Present Value
  • Gain in revenue of more than 40%
  • 60% – 80% more sawtimber at final harvest
  • Significantly improved log straightness, high level disease resistance and reduced forking
  • Earlier first thinning and cashflow
  • High sawtimber potential and financial return

Why Does Consulting Forester John Sisson
Plant SuperTree Seedling MCP & Varietals?

Dollars and Common Sense

Seeing is Believing:  View the Field Data

Summary of Financial Benefits of MCP® vs OP Seedlings*

*all figures are estimated

  • Bare Land Value ($/acre)
  • Revenue: Thinning ($/acre)
  • Revenue: Clearcut ($/acre)

Estimated Growth, Yield and Financial Results of Planting Bareroot Seedlings By Genetic Products

Product MAI* Total Yield BLV Revenue:
Plantation Marginal
tons/acre/yr tons/acre $/acre $/acre $/acre IRR (%)** IRR (%)***
2nd Gen 8.1 178 $747 $652 $2,445 11.0% Base
OP-A 8.5 188 $843 $707 $2,612 11.4% 23.7%
OP-S 8.9 195 $902 $746 $2,724 11.6% 19.6%
OP-E 9.2 202 $961 $785 $2,839 11.8% 18.0%
MCP-A 9.6 222 $1,109 $1,022 $3,327 11.8% 14.1%
MCP-S 10.1 221 $1,206 $969 $3,390 12.2% 14.3%
MCP-E 10.8 237 $1,348 $1,079 $3,655 12.5% 14.3%
VAR (Varietals) 11.1 255 $1,505 $1,563 $3,986 12.3% 13.6%

* Mean Annual Increment (MAI) i.e., growth rate,   at harvest age
**Internal Rate of Return (IRR) on all costs and revenues for a plantation forest
***Marginal IRR is the return on the additional money invested on the product vs 2nd Gen


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