Pine Seedlings with documented superiority  

We own 1/3 of the world’s Loblolly Pine germplasm,
and more than 20 million acres planted with SuperTree Seedlings.®

Open Pollinated (OP)  •  Mass Control Pollinated (MCP)  •  Varietals

  • I highly recommend SuperTree Seedlings® Varietals for those superior sites that will give you the maximum return on investment and produce the most sawtimber possible. If you’re going with Varietals you’re going to have to do the necessary work to see that return – provide those seedlings with every opportunity to get the growth potential. You’ve got to be willing to put in the work with proper site management and silviculture to get your best results. In the end, the payoff will be worth the investment and the work.”

    John David “JD” Neeley
    John David “JD” Neeley Forester/President, Neeley Forestry Service, Camden, AR
  • "The total volume gain of the SuperTree Seedlings® Varietals vs. the Open Pollinated in just five years has been remarkable. I’m amazed by it. And I’m very excited about their investment potential."

    Bob Ordnung
    Bob Ordnung Michael D. Neal & Associates, Ahoskie, North Carolina
  • "The SuperTree Seedlings® Varietals I planted have been a great investment. I’ve been really pleased with their growth, and my plan is to plant more of them. As a forestry consultant, I also recommend them to my customers."

    Mitch McElroy
    Mitch McElroy Forestry Consultant, Private Forester, Inc.
  • "The more you are informed about and understand the advanced Pine genetics that are currently available on the market, the more you will be able to take advantage of those genetics to improve your future forest revenue stream."

    Randall J. Rousseau
    Randall J. Rousseau Extension/Research Professor, Department of Forestry, Mississippi State University
  • “At the Ross Foundation we strive to maintain healthy and productive forestlands that will be sustainable long into the future. That requires meeting the specific needs of each stand-level forest management objective. The staff at ArborGen works with us to understand our site-specific requirements to help us achieve specific goals.

    Mark Karnes
    Mark Karnes Director of Operations, The Ross Foundation, Arkadelphia, Arkansas
  • “We have been using Varietal seedlings for about 10 years now, and have about 2,000 acres planted in them. I can tell you that they are getting a noticeably good gain over the 2nd gen trees in height, diameter, straightness and limb quality. They are just better looking trees, and the key takeaway is realizing that the big return is going to be on getting more trees into the sawlog class. When you’re getting more product in the higher value – thinning more chipsaw than pulpwood at the first thinning and more sawlogs than chipsaw at the second thinning – harvesting more poles – that’s when Varietals really pay off. Straighter trees with less knots and forks are going to give you a higher return on your investment, and that’s what impresses me about Varietals. We’ve planted some every year for the last 10 years and I use them on my own personal property. I’m high on them myself.”

    John David “JD” Neeley
    John David “JD” Neeley Forester/President, Neeley Forestry Service, Camden, AR
  • “The great thing about using SuperTree Seedlings® is that you have a full selection of quality seedlings to accomplish any type of long-term objective on any kind of site. If you’re looking for the “select filet” of seedlings for what we call a “super site” that’s going to give you the most sawtimber, they’ve got Varietals to get that job done. And they also have the best quality seedlings for every other type of site. If you’re not sure what type of tree to plant on what site, they have the expertise to guide you in making the best selection to get the maximum return on individual sites.”

    John David “JD” Neeley
    John David “JD” Neeley Forester/President, Neeley Forestry Service, Camden, AR
  • “We’ve been using seedlings from the Arkansas nursery for a long time, and they’ve always been good quality seedlings. And since ArborGen took over it’s better than ever. Now they offer the best of the best, and we’ve seen our program come a long way in the quality of trees because of the top selection of seedlings they make accessible. This allows us to be able to put a great seedling in the ground and to make recommendations to our clients that we couldn’t in the past. If they want to invest in the very best, we know that SuperTree Seedlings® can supply the “select filets” of seedlings to meet their objectives.”

    John David “JD” Neeley
    John David “JD” Neeley Forester/President, Neeley Forestry Service, Camden, AR
  • SuperTree Seedlings® knock your socks off as far rate of return is concerned.  We expect to harvest these trees even earlier than ArborGen projected.  If a landowner wants to maximize net revenue, SuperTree Seedlings®  are the way to go.

    Jib Davidson
    Jib Davidson Columbia Timber Company

Our commitment is to private landowners.
You get the best of the best.

  • 60 years of genetic research and testing
  • Enhanced traits for growth & yield
  • More sawtimber trees per acre
  • Maximum profitability for reforestation
  • Consistent and predictable results
  • Higher long-term legacy value
  • Loblolly, Longleaf and Slash
  • Bareroot or Containerized

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What makes ArborGen seeds superior?
Exceptional Breeding. Outstanding Results.
What makes SuperTree Seedlings exceptional?
Unequaled Quality. Unparalleled Service.
What makes SuperTree Seedlings trees more valuable?
Superior Growth. Higher Wood Quality.
How is a SuperTree Seedlings forest more profitable?
Predictable Results. Maximum Financial Return.
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