mitch-mcelroy3-01SuperTree Seedlings® Varietals: The Proof is in the Pictures

After Six Growing Seasons of Varietal AGV 127
Trees Growing at almost 10 tons/ac/yr
94% Predicted Sawtimber Material

These SuperTree Seedlings® Varietal AGV 127 were planted by consulting forester Mitch McElroy, in the winter of 2010 in Jefferson County, Florida, about 30 miles east of Tallahassee.

Mr. McElroy had site prepared an old field before planting these Varietal seedlings. After planting, he performed herbaceous weed control in the spring of 2010 and again in the spring of 2011. There was some minor attack from Pine Tip Moth, but most of the seedlings were left undamaged in the first and second growing seasons.


Carolinas Region Reforestation Advisor, Jason Watson, visited the tract in August 2010 and again with Gulf Coast Region Reforestation Advisor, Donnie Fleming, in February 2016 (after six growing seasons). They measured DBH and also total heights of some dominant trees with a clinometer. The results were amazing!

Excellent competition control
 resulted in almost 100% survival.

Sawtimber Potential

  • 80% of trees had no defects!
  • 94% of trees predicted to have sawtimber potential
  • Biggest defect was forks
  • 16% of trees with forks, high & low
  • 10% high forks = clear 1st log
  • 6% low forks = defect in 1st log….pulpwood
  • No Rust observed in this high hazard area











As you can see from the pictures, the SuperTree Seedlings Varietals I planted have been a great investment. I’ve been really pleased with their growth, and my plan is to plant more of them. As a forestry consultant, I also recommend them to my customers.”

— Mitch McElroy, Forestry Consultant



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