Want a profitable forest?
The seedlings you plant today determine the value of your forest — and your legacy — tomorrow.

  • "Planting genetically superior Pine seedlings, along with sound silvicultural treatments, could enhance the value of a landowner's future trees by as much as 100% compared to the more common open pollinated trees."

    Randall J. Rousseau
    Randall J. Rousseau Extension/Research Professor, Department of Forestry, Mississippi State University
  • “The box-over-bag packaging that SuperTree Seedlings® uses is great and tremendously improves the ‘shelf-life’ of the seedlings once you take them out of the nursery.”

    Mark Karnes
    Mark Karnes Director of Operations, The Ross Foundation, Arkadelphia, Arkansas
  • “If you want the most natural and best surviving forests, you’ve got to use a quality seedling source like SuperTree Seedlings®, create a good strategy and be on site to manage your planting crews.”

    Robert J. Tassin
    Robert J. Tassin A.C.F., Forester, Baker Land & Timber Management, Alexandria LA
  • “At Neeley Forestry Service we produce results for our clients, with average annual timber sales of 15 million board feet of sawtimber, 25,000 acres of inventory-appraisals, and 4,000 acres of land sales. Our clients include banks, law firms, accounting firms, trust departments, timber companies and non-industrial private landowners. ArborGen is one of our major partners in ensuring that we get the results these clients demand. Starting with a good tree is the first rule of success. ArborGen has seedlings to fit any client’s objectives and budget, and they provide the service, information and follow up to make certain those seedlings are going to perform their best.”

    John David “JD” Neeley
    John David “JD” Neeley Forester/President, Neeley Forestry Service, Camden, AR
  • “We’ve been using seedlings from the Arkansas nursery for a long time, and they’ve always been good quality seedlings. And since ArborGen took over it’s better than ever. Now they offer the best of the best, and we’ve seen our program come a long way in the quality of trees because of the top selection of seedlings they make accessible. This allows us to be able to put a great seedling in the ground and to make recommendations to our clients that we couldn’t in the past. If they want to invest in the very best, we know that SuperTree Seedlings® can supply the “select filets” of seedlings to meet their objectives.”

    John David “JD” Neeley
    John David “JD” Neeley Forester/President, Neeley Forestry Service, Camden, AR
  • If a landowner wants to maximize net revenue, SuperTree Seedlings® are the way to go.  These trees will be harvested in less time, with more volume and more sawtimber per acre.  They’re worth every penny!

    Jib Davidson
    Jib Davidson Columbia Timber Company

pencil-paperImprove Your Future Forest Revenue Stream with Advanced Pine Genetics

The best genetics available give you maximum growth,
better wood quality and higher return on investment.

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