Our commitment is to private landowners.

You get the best of the best.

SuperTree Seedlings® are the product of more than 60 years of genetic research,
and our silvicultural expertise will help ensure they grow to their full potential.

Our Commitment to Landowners

We are committed to providing genetically exceptional seedlings that will maximize both the value and the productivity of forest assets. Our SuperTree Seedlings are developed, grown and supported by forestry-trained experts whose knowledge will help landowners get the optimum return on their forestland investment. By producing the highest quality, most genetically advanced seedlings available, we become your reforestation partner in creating the healthiest and most productive legacy to leave for generations to come.

More than seedling sales — reforestation partnerships can include:

  • Genetic allocation advice by location
  • Financial analysis: Growth & yield and cash flows
  • Managed Inventory Service
  • Customized & turn-key refrigerated van service
  • Reforestation troubleshooting

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