More than 50 hardwoods species support

landowners seeking to increase forest

productivity in plantation applications,

conservation, reclamation and wildlife efforts.

  • “I find SuperTree Seedlings® hardwoods are healthier looking and have more lateral roots, better root systems and better survival rates than products I’ve purchased elsewhere.”

    Robert J. Tassin
    Robert J. Tassin A.C.F., Forester, Baker Land & Timber Management, Alexandria LA
  • “Annually we plant several thousand oak seedlings and close to one million Pine seedlings. I’ve been doing business with the nursery in Arkansas since it opened. The expertise and personalized attention at every step of the way make them the perfect seedling partner. They go out of their way to suit my schedule, find me trees if I’m short at the end of planting and help me to resolve any issues that might arise. Bill Abernathy, Arkansas nursery Manager, checks in with me frequently to see how things are going. If I need him, he’s right there.”

    Mark Karnes
    Mark Karnes Director of Operations, The Ross Foundation, Arkadelphia, Arkansas
  • “I’ve used the same planting crews and techniques to plant both SuperTree Seedlings® and competing products and the proof is in the survival. I always get a better than 90% survival rate from SuperTree Seedlings hardwoods.

    Robert J. Tassin
    Robert J. Tassin A.C.F., Forester, Baker Land & Timber Management, Alexandria LA
  • “Different clients have different objectives. ArborGen provides us with a wide variety of selection for all types of goals and budgets. They also have some of the newer things we’ve started looking for like hardwoods as hardwood pulpwood has become more valuable in the marketplace. ArborGen is addressing that with their new hybrid sweetgum and we’re certainly going to take a look at that. They always provide good testing and information on their products and can advise on the best silvicultural practices to get the maximum return.”

    John David “JD” Neeley
    John David “JD” Neeley Forester/President, Neeley Forestry Service, Camden, AR
Plantation Hardwoods
Diversify your portfolio and your land base with high-yield species.
Especially profitable for landowners in areas where pulpwood stumpage prices are high.
Conservation & Reclamation Hardwoods
Many of our hardwood seedlings are suitable for wildlife conservation.
Trees like all Oak varieties, Elderberry, Persimmon, Mayhaw and Pawpaw provide seeds, fruits and nuts that are favored by deer, birds and other wildlife.

When survivability is crucial, our hardwood seedlings have proven to get results. 

Our diverse offerings and expertise make us a one-stop shop for quality hardwood seedlings that stand the test of time.

Our Hardwoods seedlings are trusted by:

  • Private Landowners
  • Wildlife Biologists
  • Non-Profit Conservation Groups
  • Environmental Consultants
  • Mitigation Bankers
  • Tree Planters
  • County, State & Federal Govt Institutions
  • Industry

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