Your Investment Deserves the Best Care & Management Possible

Practice Good Silvicultural Methods to Get Highest Performance & Profitability

  • I highly recommend SuperTree Seedlings® Varietals for those superior sites that will give you the maximum return on investment and produce the most sawtimber possible. If you’re going with Varietals you’re going to have to do the necessary work to see that return – provide those seedlings with every opportunity to get the growth potential. You’ve got to be willing to put in the work with proper site management and silviculture to get your best results. In the end, the payoff will be worth the investment and the work.”

    John David “JD” Neeley
    John David “JD” Neeley Forester/President, Neeley Forestry Service, Camden, AR
  • "Research has shown that our best pine growth is with earlier site prep (starting in about mid June) rather than the current late season practice. Not only do we get better growth response in June, but there are also other benefits from earlier site prep."

    Get advice on early site prep by Pat Minogue
    to learn all of the benefits

    Pat Minogue
    Pat Minogue Associate Professor of Silviculture, University of Florida, School of Forest Resources and Conservation
  • “I like the updates and information I get in the Treelines emails. I’ll read about a new product or updated data and call the nursery to talk about it. The information lets me know that ArborGen is always working to improve my outcomes, and if I want to ‘see with my own eyes’ they can almost always take me to a test plot. I like that they keep up with all the advancements in seedlings and silviculture.”

    Mark Karnes
    Mark Karnes Director of Operations, The Ross Foundation, Arkadelphia, Arkansas

Grow a more profitable forest with best practices.

Tips for seedling care, planting and management.

Investment in high-quality genetics has proven to result in increased profits, but it doesn’t happen without your help. Like any high-quality product, attention to care is required to realize the maximum potential. Follow best practices and recommendations from your Reforestation Advisor and other forestry professionals for optimum results. When you practice good silvicultural methods, you will reap the rewards of these best-quality genetics with superior growth and stem quality and, ultimately, better return on your investment.


Your contract tree planters are out in the field, set their own schedules and work on multiple projects at once. Make sure your job is their top priority and you get the best service possible. The best way to do that is to Be There. Be Aware.


A few weeks back, I accompanied a former student of mine, now a professional forester, to a planting site on his company land to inspect both seedling and planting quality. As we arrived on the tract that had been site prepared for its new forest, I noticed something that deeply concerned me.

Top 10 Year One Goals

Investment in high-quality genetics has proven to result in increased profits, but it doesn’t happen without your help. Like any high-quality product, special treatment is required to realize the maximum potential. Find out the top 10 most critical things to do in Year One.

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Yes, You Can Plant in March and April

Many people have the perception that tree planting season in the south is over when March 1 rolls around.

The truth is, pine seedlings can be successfully planted well into April and possibly even beyond.

pencil-paperCare of Newly Planted Seedlings


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Seedlings are fragile. They require special care when getting them from the nursery to the ground.  Read our best practices on caring for seedlings from nursery to planting.

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